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Sentient Beings Are Looking Forward to Being Saved

[] Master told us in What is a Dafa Disciple, “All of what I was just discussing was meant, in fact, to tell you that the responsibility Dafa disciples shoulder is great.” I have deep feelings about this when it comes to saving people. I would like to give three examples to explain.
I. A Hurried Squeaky Sound
One night in July 2013, I was on my way home after clarifying the truth to people and passed an area where there was a construction plant without lighting. I didn’t see anyone there, so I quickly walked home. Suddenly, I heard a hurried squeaking sound from a child behind me.
I turned back immediately and saw a young man carrying a small child in his arms. It was she who made the sound. I stood in front of her, and she calmed down. I thought it must be her enlightened side yearning to be saved. The opportunity would have been lost a moment later. She couldn’t speak so she sent out the hurried squeak. It was her way of anxiously asking for help.
I took the child and asked, “How old is she?” The man said, “Six months old”. I told him to remember, “Falun Dafa is good, Zhen Shen Ren is good.” “Reciting from the heart with sincerity would eliminate diseases and bring good luck. Speaking out in a catastrophe can save lives.” I clarified the truth to them and helped the man quit the Young Pioneers with his real name before I headed home again. I nearly missed the chance to save sentient beings that were looking forward to being saved.
II. Two-Year-Old Boy Seeking Salvation
Another night after dinner, I went to Kang Cheng compound to clarify the truth. Immediately after entering the gate of the compound, a family of three approached me. A two-year-old boy in the man’s arms opened his arms towards me. I realized it was another being waiting to be saved.
I took the child and asked, “How old is he?” His father said, “Two years old.” I said, “Normally a child wouldn’t go to a stranger in the night. He is seeking to be saved. Please remember ‘Falun Dafa is good, Zhen Shan Ren is good’. Reciting from the heart with sincerity can eliminate diseases and bring good luck. Speaking out in danger can save your life.” Then I clarified the truth to the parents and helped them quit the League and the Young Pioneers with nicknames. I was delighted to help a being fulfil his long-cherished wish of salvation.
III. Li Rongjie Ran up for Salvation
On August 31, 2013, I was going home after studying the Fa. After boarding a bus, I sat on a seat in the middle section. When the bus stopped at the next station, a little girl got on the bus from the front door and ran directly towards me. She held my hands and shouted, “Granny!” I held her small hands and was so moved.
I remember Master said in Guiding the Voyage, “I’ve been searching for this my whole life.” I didn’t know how long this child had been waiting for Dafa.
Holding her small hands, I lowered my head and asked, “How old are you? What is your name?” She replied, “I am three years old. My name is Li Rongjie.” Her mother corrected her, “Her name is Li Rongjie.” I told her to remember, “Falun Dafa is good! Zhen Shan Ren is good!” She nodded and hummed.
Her mother carried her to the side seat to sit down. She leaned on the back of the seat with a happy smile on her little face. I helped her to fulfil a wish. She was happy, and I was happy as well. Sentient beings are awaiting salvation.
Master said in the Fa Teaching Given at the 2014 San Francisco Fa Conference, “Now as for all those who have not done well, Master would like to ask you a question. Listen up: At the final moment of Consummation, how will you possibly be able to explain away those attachments that you failed to let go of or the things that you did wrong? All of you should think about it. I’m extremely worried!” I often use this passage to encourage myself to overcome laziness and seize the day to do well the three things Master has required us to do in order to not disappoint Master.
The above sharing of my personal experience is to mutually encourage fellow practitioners.
Heshi and thank you Master!

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