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Being on Guard against Interference

October 29, 2015 | By a Falun Dafa practitioner in China
( I would like to share some recent observations made of fellow practitioners, both in China and Hong Kong. I have noted several issues that I feel practitioners need to be aware of, as they can cause interference on our cultivation path and make us less effective in fulfilling our mission in the Fa-rectification.

The Situation in China vs. Hong Kong

Not long ago I went to Hong Kong and saw Falun Gong practitioners wholeheartedly participating in activities to introduce Falun Gong and expose the persecution in China. On the other hand, practitioners in China, despite the fact that the environment has become less severe than before, are not as enthusiastic and proactive as they used to be.
Most of the practitioners I know have been through extremely difficult times over the past 16 years of persecution. However, some of them are becoming less diligent as practitioners, acting just like ordinary people. They don't do anything to save people and only want a stable life. They want to make more money, travel to more places and live a better quality life. Various human notions have emerged, just like how it was after the persecution started back in July 1999. At the final moments of saving people in history, no matter what the excuses are, these notions are the result of acknowledging the persecution.
There isn't any reason to slack off in the practice. We are cultivating and not playing games. We have made it through until this moment, after 16 years of relentless persecution. We didn't submit to the evil and continued to walk our path. Now we must be firm about our practice and never be arrogant, too comfortable, numb or passive. We are not to be zealous when events take place in our favor, for this amounts to satisfying our attachment of wanting to reach consummation and ceasing to be a practitioner.
Every true practitioner should do well what he or she is supposed to do, every step of the way. Teacher is doing everything for us in other dimensions. We have no reason to slack off. It's our responsibility to do well and if we don't, it's because there is an attachment waiting for us to eliminate it.

Shaken by a Practitioner's Comment

A practitioner in Hong Kong once told me that he lacked confidence in Fa-rectification and said that many practitioners felt that way. I was both surprised and shaken by the comment. The practitioners I know in China never talked about such an issue. From our point of view, it isn't even something for us to discuss or ponder. From what I know, Fa-rectification has already succeeded. It's only a matter of how many people can be saved, including practitioners.
Teacher says,“In any case, why do I say that “Fa-rectification is sure to succeed”? The reason is, the Fa has already been completed, from start to finish, with merely the salvation of sentient beings left to carry out.” (“Dafa Disciples Must Study the Fa - Fa Teaching Given at the 2011 Washington DC Metro Area Fa Conference”)
It is a serious matter if a large group of people think this way about Fa-rectification. It could lead to practitioners misunderstanding the teachings or even going astray in their practice.

Let's Not Be Moved by External Factors

Recently, many practitioners are paying a lot of attention to politics. They watch programs on the NTD television station. We should know better than that, as NTD targets non-practitioners in its choice of programming. As practitioners, we shouldn't have these attachments. We should eliminate our notions, because every one of them will hold us back and cause us not to progress diligently in our cultivation.
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