(Minghui.org) Based on my understanding of the Fa, our bodies are in a state of coexistence between human nature and divine nature. The cells that have been cultivated well are separated from those that haven't, but their capabilities can be mobilized when we send forth righteous thoughts. In everyday life, our human thoughts direct the cells that haven't been cultivated well.
When we encounter tests and tribulations, I believe those cells that have been well-cultivated and not-well-cultivated all play a role. They manifest in the form of righteous thoughts and everyday people's thoughts. If we hesitate between them for too long, the everyday people's thoughts often restrict the righteous thoughts, and play the main role, because the environment we live in would re-enforce everyday people's thoughts. We often make poor decisions under this situation, and regret it when we fail to pass the cultivation test.
My experience tells me that I have to make a choice and decision at the moment righteous thoughts emerge. Even though it sounds impulsive and may cause some loss of immediate benefit, it's the choice I won't regret as a cultivator, because I'm clear-minded at that time.
I believe tribulations and tests are to see if we choose to act on the righteous thoughts or the human mentality. Choosing righteous thoughts is giving up the human mentality and attachments of everyday people. When we make the right choice the attachments will naturally be eliminated.
The above is my limited understanding, and is shared with fellow practitioners for collective improvement.